A Case Study Of Herbie.AI’s Bank Chatbot: How It Reduced Costs And Increased Sales

A leading commercial bank from Dubai, was enhancing the service in Digital sector has recently implemented Herbie.AI chatbot on their website to provide customer support. It has been a huge success and Herbie.AI is very successful in providing support to customers and resolving their issues. Following are the steps that are taken care during implementation phase: 1.Understanding the needs of […]

What Is a Chatbot? Is it Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

  Chatbots are the latest technology to meet the world of customer service and with virtual assistants it is similar to human receptionists. chatbots are software programs that are designed to answer questions and carry out giving notification, gathering information and answering queries. Unlike human receptionists, however, chatbots can respond to questions in a more natural manner and are often […]

Banking Sector Leverage AI to launch chatbot by reducing their Manpower cost

Digital Transformation made an impact on almost every industry, as the Organization try to gain a competitive advantage and updates according to customer demands.  Banking Sector has recognized technological advancements like Artificial Intelligent Chatbots and revised to optimize their online and mobile banking models with Customer Interaction channels.  Smart AI-enabled Chatbots assist the customers with their queries, reducing the operational […]

Automates the Teaching system using Educational Chatbot

      Developers utilize AI technology and the latest conversational design to create an AI Chatbot that helps to communicate with students on all subjects of various grades up to university levels. Chatbots integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social media apps to make the students learning fun and interesting for the students leading to a reduction of […]

How Chatbots represent a huge opportunity for Retail Industry?

  In recent trends, E-Commerce has emerged 5% in 2021, leads to 17.5% of total global retail sales.  Technology has evolved for the rapid growth of Industry and creates a flawless experience for customers, advanced technology provides the way for the future of e-commerce. Technology is viewed as impersonal and provides a uniform experience to every individual.  Advanced technology in […]

How to enhance the customer experience through Insurance Chatbot?

    Herbie.AI – Chatbot brings advanced technology in the Insurance sector.  Insurance Chatbots are beneficial for both insurance companies and their customers.  Gives 24/7 access to support, provides an instant quote and offers policy details without any human intervention. Chatbots are scalable solutions for quality support and by implementing an insurance chatbot will satisfy the customers and investors.  Helps […]

Why Chatbots are Important for Healthcare Process?

  Herbie.AI – offers an efficient solution for healthcare to support patient and doctor engagement.  Chatbots are implemented in the healthcare sector by automating all the repetitive and handling the basic query where the representatives perceive.  Healthcare professionals are interfered with the complex tasks and take care of them efficiently.  AI platform helps the healthcare sector to gain a competitive […]

Conversational AI holds the key for secured banking services

The evolution in banking technology has been a vital part of industrial growth. Financial services are essential for almost everybody from a normal person to a big industrialist. Offering services and immediate assistance is crucial for financial institutions. On top of it, the services should be convenient enough to continue with them. Resolving the inquiries, alerting false transactions, and the […]