7 ways to Automate Business with Emerging Technologies

7 ways to Automate Business with Emerging Technologies

7 ways to Automate Business with Emerging Technologies - Herbie

“Survival of the fittest” has always been with us and business is no exception to that. Industrialization and development has led to evolution in life style through ages.

Today is the era of digitalization. You can buy anything from any part of the world without even moving from your couch. Isn’t that interesting?

There is more in this digital world that we need to adapt to be a part of this change.

“Automation” drives business today!

Automation saves time, effort and increases overall productivity.

Bring in the cutting edge technologies to make automation more effective.

1. Conversational AI for customer care

Responding to customers is very critical for business and delaying it may result in losing them to your competitors. Conversational AIs are wonderful tools to engage and assist customers. Conversational AIs like Herbie are available in multiple social media to cater your customer needs.

Unlike normal Chatbot, these voice bots can understand the user intents and provide inputs appropriately. Millions of users can query Herbie at the same time and Herbie can provide answers very unique to them. Say for example in the banking sector, if you have branches in many different places Herbie can suggest the interest rates based on their location/login details.


2. Empower your core applications with additional functionalities

The company core applications like CRM, ERP etc. can be remodeled with additional functionalities like attendance trackers, sales and marketing trackers, payroll automations, document automations, and several other tools that will optimize the workload of your business operations.

Herbie’s artificial intelligence is built with RPA and ML which acts as a smart medium to pull information from applications and update your databases. Employees can fetch any data with simple conversations with Herbie.

These automations with Herbie can cut down updating and data retrieval process time to a huge extent and reduces operational cost for business.

3. Wow your customers with personalized experience

Assisting customers from choosing products till paying bills yield customer satisfaction. Go a step beyond by making suggestions and recommendations based on their interest and choice of products.

Showing price drop or discounts on their cart items and sharing personalized deals will make your customers more excited about their shopping experience. This is possible with Herbie’s Artificial Intelligence. Herbie can monetize abandoned carts with smart relevant deals that bring more happy and lasting customers.

Herbie’s AI Chatbot Development guides customers in several sectors like Insurance, banking, automobile etc., suggesting and showing suitable policies and products based on their needs.


4. Automate workflows with AI

Understand the business operations and create workflows that can be automated. There will be repetitive or monotonous tasks in business toiling huge efforts of the staff which when automated increases productivity and speed up operations.

In the Manufacturing and production plants, the inventory replenishment can be automated to have consistent production.

In Government and banking sectors filling up forms, status update on their tickets, application requests for services etc., can be automated.

In the Automobile industries the vehicle maintenance schedules, EMI payment due date alerts, personalized offers to existing customers, cross sell and upsell can be automated and customers can be notified.

In the telecommunications sector plans and pricing keeps changing and new deals pops up more frequently. It is ideal to employ Herbie to automate marketing on social media about their offers and there is great scope to gain more market share.

5. Monitor Business and sales cycle

Business involves a sequence of process which requires co-ordination and collaboration. The sales cycle involves a series of stages from gathering leads to updating customer records in CRM. The entire process has to be monitored to have efficient sales cycle.

Herbie can automate business cycle and can be customized to send alerts or notifications.

The sales can be alerted on follow up schedules with customers and send notifications to managers on any payment dues from clients.

Monitoring business cycle and consistently improvising it with latest technologies will greatly reduce the operational cost and generate more revenue for business.


6. Single dashboard with real time data

Emerging technologies like AI and ML enables business to view real time data. These data can be projected on single dashboard for management to take informed decisions.

Herbie Chatbot Development Companies can conversationally assist employees, managers and customers on real time availability of products in the stores or inventories and can pull related information from the database.

Companies functioning globally can be united with smart mediums like Herbie that can filter data based on roles and responsibilities.

Decision makers in business usually gets very little window of time every day to monitor their companies progress. Herbie can project metrics on single dashboard to suit their needs and they can make informed decisions.

For example, in Healthcare the company can get real time data on how a particular drug is performing in a specific region and based on which they can adjust their productions.

An electronics production company can get analytics on products in real time from Herbie and can plan on advertising for their poorly performing product.

7. Identify Repetitions and Automate them

Identifying monotonous task in your business workflow and automating them will increase overall efficiency of your business.

Herbie Info bot can answer FAQs and can automate simple workflows.

In the helpdesk and HR sectors a few tickets do not even need human agent intervention. Herbie can perform such tasks more efficiently and diligently.

In the supply chain management, Herbie can automate processes like releasing payments when the invoices are generated. Placing order based on inventory stock list etc.

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