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A leading commercial bank from Dubai, was enhancing the service in Digital sector has recently implemented Herbie.AI chatbot on their website to provide customer support. It has been a huge success and Herbie.AI is very successful in providing support to customers and resolving their issues.

Following are the steps that are taken care during implementation phase:

1.Understanding the needs of the customer:

This includes understanding the various types of customer queries and the corresponding answers.  Banking chatbot allows to resolve queries and answers of banking customers in a secured manner and free from human errors.


2. Use NLP to process customer queries:

NLP (Natural language processing) is used to process customer queries and understand the customer’s intent. This is important for providing accurate answers to the customer’s queries. It can understand what a customer need and can learn from the converstion, there by improving the service


3. Used machine learning to improve the performance:

Machine learning is used to improve the performance over time. Herbie.AI is trained to handle new customer queries and providing more accurate answers.


4. Deploy the chatbot on multiple social media channels:

Herbie The chatbot can be deployed on a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. This  allow customers to interact with the bot through the messaging platform.


5. Monitor the performance:

We monitored the customer satisfaction levels and the number of queries handled by the bot. It is a tool that can identify and track various aspects of business, By doing so, businesses can make necessary adjustments to improve their bottom line. A performance monitoring system can also help to identify areas where further training may be necessary.

The chatbot has helped the bank to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. The bot was also very effective in upselling and cross-selling products to customers. Overall, the chatbot was a great success and the client was very happy with the results.

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