Automates the Teaching system using Educational Chatbot

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Developers utilize AI technology and the latest conversational design to create an AI Chatbot that helps to communicate with students on all subjects of various grades up to university levels.

Chatbots integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social media apps to make the students learning fun and interesting for the students leading to a reduction of usage of other online portals.

Usage of Chatbot for Education Platform:

Medium for Learning:

An automated tutoring system provides a dedicated platform to learn & analyse the student’s response and their patterns of interactions with the AI-enabled Chatbot.

AI Chatbot helps the students to engage through a series of conversations, just like a general conversation.  Later, the chatbot understands each student capability and provide them with the following type of lecture as per the process.

Enhanced Student Engagement:

In this digital world, students are exposed to technology.  Every student has smart devices which lead to instant messages, virtual assistants and social media becoming popular among them.  Exchange study materials and help each other through assignments.  Helps to enhance their learning process and increases their engagement in individual subjects.  Acts as a student-teacher communication platform, like in the classroom or across the departments.

Chatbot acts as a gateway for the students to share information on their assignments, deadlines and updates on important upcoming events.

Smart Feedback:

Significant aspects of the learning process are feedback from the student or from the teacher.  Helps to find the areas of lacking, fill the gaps by improving their teaching abilities.  Also, teachers can provide feedback on their assignments and highlight the most common points mentioned in their feedback.

Teaching Assistant:

Offers assistance in completing their assignments and gets clearer explanations about the specific topic.  Teachers require some optimization to simplify their repetitive tasks and focus more on offering quality education to their students.

Better support to students:

Absolutely necessary for every institute to guide its students by giving them timely information.  Students can update the information about the upcoming events, scholarships, hostel facilities and a chatbot is available to respond to their queries.

How chatbot benefits the Education Industry:

Educational Chatbot helps students by providing some sort of assistance or looking for quick answers for clarity.  Helps teachers to reduce the time of repetitive tasks and concentrate on their important work.

AI Chatbot for Education helps the students and teachers to manage their day-to-day activities, collect feedback from students and provide information regarding updates to the students.

How to start with AI Educational chatbot?

Many of the chatbot platforms in the market help to build the customized Education Chatbot to engage students, solve queries, supply materials and assist the students to complete the assignment.

Integrated into WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, apps, websites etc., Students are excited to use chatbot learning and chatbots help students to get instant responses for their queries on their preferred channels.

Best chatbot for Education Sector:

When we start the discussion about the chatbot, you have many options available in the market.  But finding the relevant chatbot for our business is significant.  Herbie.AI Education Chatbot is designed to meet the standards of educational institutions throughout the world.

Our Herbie.AI supports voice, video, images and texts that help students to enjoy the subject while learning short messages instead of long paragraphs.  Helps them to engage more in studies than before.

Advantages of using AI-Based chatbots in Education:

Support for Employees:

Chatbot helps the employees by answering their basic queries instantly, whereas the complex queries are passed on to the employees.

Shorter waiting times:

Usage of chatbots by several people results in minimal response time for visitors who received the desired information instantly.

24*7*365 Service:

Customers access to fast, instant replies, user-friendly service 24/7.

How Chatbot helps the student in Educational Institutions:

In this digital world, students find an easy way to access chatbots for instant replies.  In the Education sector, the chatbot is installed to enhance information access to students.

Students require information from the teacher & school on various streams.  Information includes academics or non-academics since there is a wide range of activities which is happening in schools.

Many people can access them at the same time and offer timely access to information.  Application-based or web-based chatbots can be handy when it comes to seeking information.

Innovative things where chatbots can access in the areas of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Offers Personalized Learning Experience
  • Detects the emotional state of the students
  • Helps teachers to reduce time
  • Store and analyse the data efficiently
  • Improved access to Education
  • Better user experience
  • Ease of integration in different digital platforms

Using Chatbots for Educational Institutions, the Process can be replicated on a daily basis, where the students can discuss any topics, can clear their doubts, and reach conclusions on any specific topic that would enhance their knowledge.