A Definitive Guide – Difference Between Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

Table of Contents: Introduction What are Chatbots? What are Virtual Assistants? Difference between Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 3.1 Natural Language processing 3.2 Keeping up consistency 3.3 Manage Conversation 3.4 Understanding Capabilities 3.5 Contextual Processing 3.6 Continuous operation 3.7 Companion Connections Myth busters Myth 1: A chatbot isn’t intelligent enough Myth 2: A virtual assistant can perform a wider range of […]

Herbie HR Chatbot- Entrust business and the people who propel it

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. There is no skepticism about the very fact that the human resource is the key abstract asset for any management. In today’s progressive and regularly changing business sphere, it is the human resources that characterize an organization from its adversaries. Today’s judgemental economy differentiates one entity from another with the single most […]

Herbie Insurance BOT-Making Lives Simpler!

  In this world, with unanticipated busy lives, people are fascinated and inclined towards the word “Instant”, be it instant hotel room booking, instant flight booking, instant cash transfer everything is doable with just a click, so why leave Insurance behind, right? With rising expenses and recession especially during a pandemic situation or criticality of a family member teaches us […]

Let’s have natural and rich conversational experiences with Herbie.ai

Human conversations are incredible, which makes them very special and unique. The conversations are usually a complex mix of emotions, recalling information and adding a personal touch with their tone and slang. The market is flooded with variety of bots that can chat and automate certain operations. A few bots can even perform Voice interactions and are of great assistance […]

You can stay connected in your business despite global pandemic. Want to know how?

  “Stay safe…Stay connected,” is our current mission to the team. Not just one team, but multiple teams around the world. Yes we have our presence in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India. Things have changed a lot in a month’s time. Our eating style, life style, and obviously our working style; everything has changed. Evolution and upgrade has […]