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Conversation is the key for social media. All the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are focused on sharing information and establishing a connect through rich conversations. When it comes to marketing breaking the ice between the vendor and the client has always been very challenging.

The emergence of social media platforms has boosted the marketing arenas and with user-generated content, customers could get feedback on the products directly from the users.

Showcasing the brands is a lot simpler as the millennials are consistently available on social media. The recent trend portrays the benefits of roping conversational AI in social media platforms and how it can be leveraged to boost your business and surpass customer expectations.

How does conversational AI work with different social media platforms?

Conversational AI can initiate a conversation with the visitors thus making them interested to know more about the product and the brand. Visitors are more comfortable grilling the bot for more information compared to talking to customer care people who generally provide information on what has been asked.

AI assistants can offer their services beyond the normal working hours and can repeat the information countless times without getting irritated. The AI and ML combination bot can lead the conversation by showing choices that interest the users based on their chat or search history.

Conversational AI Chatbot can learn from every interaction of the customer and offer them better service.

Attending to the needs of the customers immediately brings trust in the brand when compared to waiting in line to resolve simple queries. Quicker access to information helps them to decide faster on the products to buy. Immediate response in their convenient medium makes the brand a favorite choice for customers.

Herbie – the Conversational AI

Herbie is an advanced and matured conversational AI with rich voice culture mimicking the human voice. It can communicate in 132+ languages by extending its support to native slang and dialects. Herbie also has pre-built integration to 12+ social media channels and can be effortlessly integrated into physical bots.

All-in-one Solution

Social media platforms are not just for entertaining or connecting with friends and colleagues anymore. Businesses and big brands have leveraged the medium as one of the largest B2B or B2C marketing platforms. Businesses that already adopted Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp platforms for their marketing are getting incremental visibility, new visitor traffic and wide attention from the users.

The major benefits of Conversational AI in Social Media marketing

1. Shortened sales cycle

2. Instant sharing of information  to visitors and customers

3. Resolve issues and offer response 24/7

4. Remember chat history and customer engagement

5. Establish a connect with the human-like experience

Conversational AI Platform embedded with payment gateway can be integrated into Facebook and WhatsApp and customers can purchase items directly, with an experience akin to chatting with their friends.

Create a Holistic shopping experience

Shoppers prefer quick and easy access to information in their preferred medium. The conversations are generally a dialogue between the bot and the customers, processing the information they are looking for and offering relevant data. They are generally proactive and can anticipate customer expectations.

Customers prefer real-time information on products and services with more human-like engagement. AI bots can drive sales through videos and sharing of information and can also aid in loading the digital carts and finally checking out for them.

Each shopping experience can be unique with conversational AI for every customer.

Lead nurturing

Facebook messenger bots can retain your customers by connecting with them after they discover your website. In the customer journey, Conversational AI like Herbie can retain the interests of the customer by offering them more information related to their inquiry and offering them support.

Healthcare appointments can be made through Facebook messenger chats. Retail shoppers can connect with their brands through Facebook bots. Vendors can share their product catalogs to their clients and process their orders.

Customize Bot’s Voice culture & Personality

Herbie offers 50+ voice cultures to choose from and can be tailor-made to suit the business needs.

Assist Customers to Checkout with Call-To-Action buttons

Herbie can guide customers through proactive product information and based on their search-relevant offers can be shared. This helps to monetize the abandoned carts and also helps in lead conversion, revenue generation.

Assist Customers to Checkout with Call-To-Action buttons

Collate Customer feedbacks

Herbie can collate feedbacks on customer experience and also the product reviews. This helps the business to improve their products and customer experience. Facebook serve as medium to know how customer responds to the brand and the service. Based on these inputs the service can be improved thus bringing in more customers and drive sales.

Collate Customer feedbacks


Benefits of Herbie – the Conversational AI

1. 24/7 Available
2. Instant response to inquiries and offer information
3. Saves time and Effort
4. Cost-efficient
5. Guided communication
6. Offers new ways of interaction with brands
7. Increase Lead generation and sales
8. Personalized customer Experience
9. Avoid human error and loss of information
10. Track conversations and follow-up with related offers
11. Customized greetings and notifications
12. Address or resolve issues immediately
13. Connecting to a human agent when necessary



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