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Herbie HR Chatbot- Entrust business and the people who propel it

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. There is no skepticism about the very fact that the human resource is the key abstract asset for any management. In today’s progressive and regularly changing business sphere, it is the human resources that characterize an organization from its adversaries. Today’s judgemental economy differentiates one entity from another with the single most decisive and powerful aspect that is Human Resources (HR).

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t produce any divergence whether the end product is cars or cleansers. An organization is only as solid as the people it retains.” – Mary Kay Ash

Technology has been swiftly drifting the energy in every sector, and HR is no exclusion. Staying ahead of the game requires us to be aware of the technologies available in the market. Chatbots are helping drive businesses all over the world.

One of the key operations in which you’ll see a major revolution via chatbots is Human Resources. After all, the chatbot is a virtual assistant that can converse with staff members through text messages, websites, apps, or instant messages, chatbots are altering the ways of how HR teams operate.

Herbie HR Chatbot is an intelligent combo of NLP & ML with various voice skills to facilitate actualized human touch to every discussion. Herbie can administer the unified recruitment cycle cooperating with the HR workforce and has a self-service portal for the comfort of staff members.

Herbie can be delegated to perform basic tasks to highly complicated services, which can prove to move the wheels faster in your business.


Can Chatbots Help HR Teams Become Accessible to Employees?


Hiring new employees takes time. Herbie HR Bot can assist in your hiring strategy, help you to analyze the applicant data, and put together an interview-worthy pool of candidates. Herbie can help to conduct online interviews and give assessments after reviewing the candidate’s performance.


Herbie can also be used for day-to-day admin tasks, answering messages related to payrolls or salaries, pre-hire background checks on candidates, reminders on induction, training, etc. Herbie can facilitate the training of new employees by providing access to orientation materials such as videos, photos, graphs & charts.


HR staff and recruiters consume a terribly high amount of hours in secondary hiring activities like searching for portfolios, organizing interviews, and administering the repository of candidates. Herbie on the other hand, effortlessly store candidate information, screen potential candidates, schedule interviews and manage several candidates at the same time. They do away with the demand to retain endless excel sheets and overflowing folders with portfolios. Automating these prospects not only scale down the time consumed to select the appropriate candidates, but also aggregates standardized feedbacks from candidates about their skills, talents, and salary negotiations. Herbie can ease the burden of manual work in the preliminary stage of recruitment.


Herbie can handle all admin-related tasks like booking meeting rooms, blocking employee calendar dates. It can also support customized and personalized learning and development. For example- Herbie can enroll employees in relevant training, administer in-module tests, quizzes, etc. Herbie also enables employees to raise and track HR-related requests like (leave, shift timings) anywhere anytime, and respond to employee requests in an efficient manner.



HR professionals spend a considerable amount of time addressing policy-related queries. Herbie can identify and take over such regular mundane employee queries thus reducing the time taken and boosting overall productivity. Herbie can also help optimize hiring costs and decrease the time taken in hiring. Herbie can automate multiple stages of the recruitment cycle such as profile screening, assessment, and documentation.


Employees don’t have to spend time getting in touch with their manager or someone from the HR department. Herbie HR Chatbot can access and sort through the database and provide a quick and accurate response. For example, an employee might need some information of an ex-staff, Herbie can provide the details like date of leaving, notice period served, employee performance rating, etc. since Herbie can converse in multiple languages, this provides a unique experience for employees working in the organization coming from different countries. Also, employees can self-apply for leave or medical reimbursements without having to ask for external help.



Herbie HR Assistant Chatbot has pre-programmed sentiment analysis and can approach employee concerns accordingly. Every conversational platform needs to keep the employee experience at the center of its agenda. Conversational bots like Herbie exert a direct impact on the sustainability of organizations because they contribute to employee satisfaction. They increase opportunities for greater collaboration and an open environment for innovation. Herbie’s inbuilt Sentiment analysis is a unique way of measuring employees’ disposition towards the organization, providing valuable insights, improving productivity, and predicting attrition rates.



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