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In this world, with unanticipated busy lives, people are fascinated and inclined towards the word “Instant”, be it instant hotel room booking, instant flight booking, instant cash transfer everything is doable with just a click, so why leave Insurance behind, right? With rising expenses and recession especially during a pandemic situation or criticality of a family member teaches us as why it is wise and smart to be insured.

Technology is making lives easier day by day, but certain tasks require an intervention of a human and 24/7 human support is not always feasible, that’s where our latest technology AIML two way conversational chat/voice bot Herbie gains entry. Chatbots are designed to understand your questions and direct you to the right place.

Herbie Insurance Chatbot is a full time multi-faceted digital smart assistant who can speak to your customers and support them by resolving their queries on various topics. Herbie can speak in 45+ languages and understand 132+ languages. With 24x 7x 365 energetic support and Unified approach, Herbie is available on 12 + social channels. Herbie digitally transforms your business by interacting with your customers in their preferred language.

Insurance is a sector where human agents are needed for form filling, processing documents, and policy claims etc. But when situations are gloomy and bleak, that’s when insurance chatbots come to the rescue! These automated agents can simplify long processes, provide the right information and guide the customers to the connected resources

How can insurance Chatbots benefit customers?


Efficient & Convenient

Consumers may have a lot of doubts and questions regarding their eligibility, quotes, budget etc. This is where Herbie can help in collecting the relevant details, providing the appropriate information on the suited plans without making the consumers wait for a next available human representative.

Accessibility & User friendly


Sometimes due to an unprecedented event, it’s quite likely consumers might have worries about their policy claim or renewal status. Herbie can provide day and night assistance on such queries and provide a quicker resolution. Since Herbie is enabled with the latest technology to understand various languages, it provides the needed comfort for the consumers to interact in their own language with Herbie. For example a person travelling to Europe can send a message to Herbie to help them buy a travel insurance policy or a person who crashed his car can ask for assistance with claims etc.

Work load ease

Agents can be loaded with a lot of critical tasks which can lead to a high pressure environment and decreased productivity. Herbie can assist the employees in providing personalized quotes, managing payments and processing claims etc. Herbie can also take over service enquiries when employees are busy responding to calls or e-mails

Streamlined processing and Leads


Herbie can be integrated with CRM for streamlining of data’s and keeping back end logs in real time. Once a customer posts a query, Herbie will know how to profile the query and respond accurately thereby saving time and effort of the customer. Herbie Insurance Chatbot can also collect general details from a browsing customer by means of a simple contact form and pass on these leads to the agents for conversion

Cost saving and Customer satisfaction

Herbie with its high level of intelligence and efficiency can provide customized quotes or statement of account to the customers rather than having to wait for a call back or email response from a human agent. This way the customer is also pleased with the quick response and through word of mouth, this will also increase the market value and brand loyalty among the old and new consumers. Herbie can handle repetitive queries, documentations and closure of deals thus bringing an overall revenue increase to the company and eliminating the need to hire more human workforce

Social Media Channels

Herbie Chatbot can be integrated with 12 + social media channels. Herbie can handle multiple requests from different channels simultaneously and resolve it without human intervention unless required. So for example, a person having an already existing FB account can do away with creating a new account on the company website. They can connect with Herbie instantly on FB messenger and gets their doubts clarified

Back Office maintenance

Herbie works coherently with the back office and can provide status on tickets. Herbie can send reminders to the policy holders on their convenient channels for any renewals and updates. Herbie can also download policies for the clients and can validate policy status when a claim is submitted.



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