Herbie is not just a conversational BoT; It’s an Intelligent Combination BoT

Herbie is not just a conversational BoT; It’s an Intelligent Combination BoT

Herbie Bot = Automation Bot + Transaction Bot + Service bot + Information Bot +Journey Bot+ Campaign Bot + Employee Bot

Who would not want a friend and a guide who assists them in managing their daily routines with a friendly conversation? We live in a digital world and a digital companion will be more appropriate to help us accomplish our tasks. Herbie is the right choice!


Why Herbie?

Herbie is a conversational AI Voice assistant with a rich combination of latest technologies blended in like NLP, ML, RPA & Sentiment Analysis, to provide smart & personalized customer experience. Herbie is a suite of intelligent bots like Herbie Banking, HR, IT Helpdesk, Education, Insurance, HealthCare, Telco, Automobile, Manufacturing, Retail, Government and so on.

Each BoT by itself is a Smart combination of bots and serve the Industry by automating the workflows wherever possible with its Conversational AI.

For example, a survey conducted by TechValidate showed that 43% of traditional IT help desks rely on email to track user requests.

Let me give you an idea of What Herbie- IT Helpdesk BoT can do for you.

Some of the major challenges faced by IT Helpdesk every single day are,

Numerous service requests pouring from different channels

      • Numerous service requests pouring from different channels
      • Difficulty in instant Troubleshooting resulting in longer resolution times
      • Unresolved and recurring issues , lost tickets
      • Difficulty maintaining user’s hardware and software asset records
      • More time spent on routine calls like Password reset
      • Absence of centralized knowledge management and self-service. and so on.


Herbie IT Helpdesk Bot helps you to resolve these IT issues quickly and enhances productivity.

  1. Herbie Chatbot can interact tirelessly in a human voice round the clock diligently answering queries & FAQs. Herbie can streamline the request from different channels (pre-built integration to 12+ social channels) and can automate corresponding workflows including phone requests. (Automation Bot).
  2. Employees basic & troubleshooting support requests are handled immediately, with step by step approaches (supporting images/videos) which are otherwise roadblocks to accomplish their tasks. It eases the work of the help desk staffs and enables them to get involved in more productive part of business. (Journey bot).
  3. Employees can raise tickets or check the status of their tickets by interacting with Herbie. Herbie operates in adherence to the real-time and hence the task which needs intervention by an executive is channelized to them. This saves time and effort of both the helpdesk staff and employees. (Service Bot).
  4. The conversational interface of chatbot supports multiple users to access information without any delays .Herbie maintains the Asset records of all the users and hence assistance can be provided appropriately without any delays. (Information Bot).
  5. Herbie Helpdesk is an AI-powered chatbot that uses ML and NLP to handle simple IT requests. It can free up the time of IT personnel by accomplishing nonproductive tasks like resetting passwords, answering FAQs, reserving meeting rooms, automate notifications, server maintenance schedule, Setting up WiFi/VPN/WebEx, etc. for business and more. (Employee Bot).
  6. Herbie supports multi-factor authentication using one-time password (OTP) to validate user’s device identity as well as corporate identity for providing access. Herbie self-service portals cater to employee demands without any executive intervention. (Transaction Bot).

Herbie – IT Helpdesk Chatbot is a market-ready virtual assistant which can be integrated into your existing enterprise CRM. Herbie can converse in more than 40+ languages like human (slang, dialect, native languages) and 132+ languages via Text. Herbie can be bespoke deployed (on cloud, on premises, partly on both) in less than 2 weeks and can show ROI in less than 6 months.

If you want to experience Herbie, it’s just a click away Herbie.ai

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