Herbie IT Helpdesk Chatbot- Innovative Technology Driven By Intelligence

Herbie IT Helpdesk Chatbot- Innovative Technology Driven By Intelligence


The Covid-19 Lockdown has posted new challenges for every business this year. With everybody working from home, we cannot expect the same infrastructure or support as we used to get in our work place. One of the most important functions for our work to progress in a seamless and comfortable manner is IT helpdesk. IT HelpDesk Chatbot involves an array of different features like e-mail access,VPN, internet connectivity, software update, server update etc. In short an IT help desk is a software that helps users to solve their problems through a single or multi-channel ticketing systems on email, web forms, chat, phone, and mobile, there are multiple ways for employees submit a ticket on the channel they prefer, even if they’re not in the office.IT help desk allows users to raise tickets, track their issues and get assistance regarding products or services.

Now what will we do in a situation where there is minimal human intervention and yet we expect a fast resolution to our issues? This is where AIML chatbots come into the picture. Herbie is an AI-powered chatbot that uses machine learning and natural language processing to handle simple IT requests. It can free up the time of IT personnel by accomplishing non-productive tasks like resetting passwords, answering FAQs, reserving meeting rooms, troubleshooting, creating tickets and more.

The conversational interface of chatbot supports multiple users to access information without any delays. Herbie can assist you anytime, anywhere to resolve IT issues quickly and minimize productivity loss.

Common Challenges



24/7 service availability


Machines and devices can crash or malfunction at all hours of the day. Staffing your support or help desk 24/7 to handle these issues, however, is usually not feasible or cost effective for the organization. Password reset is one of the most common ticket for the helpdesk. Herbie can seamlessly help in password resets, allow support staffs and end-users to retrieve, modify, and post information in systems of record without any manual intervention. Employees basic support requests are handled immediately which are otherwise roadblocks to accomplish their tasks. It eases the work of the help desk staffs and enables them to get involved in more productive part of business.

Self Service Portals

At times, the number of agents available can be disproportionate to the volume of tickets. Herbie can come to rescue by resolving mundane service requests and redundant incidents. Employees /customers can raise tickets or check the status of their assets by interacting with Herbie. This saves time and effort for both the helpdesk staff and employees. Herbie with its natural language processing can provide a personalized interaction thus improving customer/employee satisfaction. Herbie can also assist in queries received through Emails/calls/websites/Application URLs, etc. eliminating redundancies and accelerating processes.

Ticket categorization and automated workflow


Herbie Chatbot can intelligently categorize tickets to the agents based on the type of issue. Herbie can automate the workflow and get instant approval by notifying all respective approvers. This saves time and effort of for both the helpdesk staff and employees. Herbie can monitor systems for user requests, such as help desk ticket submissions, and alert staff in real-time with all the details they need to address the issue. Examples: Setting up of Wi-Fi/VPN /WebEx, booking meeting rooms, asset management etc. Herbie empowers users to complete simple tasks without the need for live support, ensuring they get the help they need when they need it. Herbie can resolve most routine and low-value tickets quickly, and reduce overall helpdesk costs.

Outage management and Elimination of calls

HelpDesk Chatbot are often busy with a range of requirements like software availability, maintenance schedules, and asset management from various sectors of business. Such requests can be routed to Herbie, which can handle these tasks efficiently. Herbie can send out automated notifications to employees regarding asset replacement, software updates, Schedule – Server & Facilities Maintenance, access request for resources etc. Herbie can perform simple to complex operations at greater accuracy thus saving staff work hours. During an outage incident, Herbie can provide help desk staff with instant access to their monitoring systems and devices allowing them to efficiently track outages, quickly help generate outage reports, and automatically alert the affected users

Seamless integration and Enterprise level security


Herbie is an advanced AI Chatbot which can be customized to the business requirement of any organization. Herbie help desk chatbot is a market-ready virtual assistant which can be integrated into your existing enterprise CRM. Herbie supports multi-factor authentication using one-time password (OTP) to validate user’s device identity as well as corporate identity for providing access. Herbie can also support additional corporate authentication mechanism such as SAML 2.0 based SSO & OAuth2 for authentication against Active Directory or LDAP or Identity Management provider.

Herbie – AI Powered Chatbot developed using blend of technology platforms automated with Intelligence & Human touch transforms your business by interacting with your customers and employees in their preferred language With Herbie’s Omni presence on 13+ social media channels coupled with high end security on the messages, increases business revenue, operational efficiencies and reduces expenditure thereby.

To integrate this timely helpful assistant in your organization, visit us at https://www.herbie.ai/industries/it-help-desk/

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