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Shopping is a fun filled experience across all ages.  Sometimes it turns out to be tiresome as well. For instance, if  the shopping drill involves too many variables like choice of clothing, brands & trends, deals and discounts, too many family members in one shopping attempt etc. It would take endless hours shuttling between different stores to get the best pick.

Herbie Retail Bot - Redefines Your Shopping Experience

Online shopping is a relief wherein we can look for our choice of clothing and accessories in different stores and pick the best we like. It also embarks some challenges as we spend hours upon hours of looking into online stores and get distracted and buy things which we were not planning to. The search sometimes goes in vain as the product we chose went out of stock and we do not get to keep track of it.

The modern era of shopping redefines and brings in all salient features we will look for, while we go for shopping or do online purchases. The dawn of chatbots has made our shopping experiences more personalized and unique.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have brought us a new dimension of shopping. Voice enabled AI Chatbot such as Herbie Retail Chatbot can assist in shopping by helping us navigate through the stores for the items we are looking for, showing the real time availability of products, and sending us alerts on our out of stock searches. Above that, it can remember our search history and show relevant products.

Shopping with bots online is lot simpler as we can conversationally make orders through them. Herbie Shopping Chatbot can be of great assistance to retail stores who are trying to reach global customers. Herbie can establish two way communications in 45+ languages, can have text chat on over 132, and is readily available on 12+ social media channels.

The Retail sector too has some challenges on their plate. Some of them are listed below:

♦ Inconvenient store navigation

♦ Delay in response to customer Queries

♦ Online real-time inventory data

♦ Processing returns of merchandise

♦ Cart abandoning

♦ Remember Customer history

♦ Excess inventory or items out of stock

♦ Track supply/ shipment delays

♦ Vendor management

♦ Supply chain management

♦ Ads/ marketing Management

♦ Maintaining brand value and loyalty


“Chatbots could drive $112 billion in retail sales by 2023” – Juniper



Equipped with intelligent assistance, Herbie Retail Chatbot can be your digital concierge to address the challenges faced in the Retail business.

Herbie promotes brand value & enhances customer satisfaction

1. 24/7 In store and Online Customer Assistance

2. Updates Holiday promotions & special deals

3. Ease Customers from shipment & return hassles

4. Account creation & sign up with simple interaction

5. Conduct surveys on Customer satisfaction

Herbie Provides Voice Assistance 24/7

1. Greets the user and shows collection

2. Reschedules deliveries and process returns

3. Track orders and shipments

4. Recommends store coupons

5. Real-time product status (In stock/ out of stock)

Herbie in Supply chain management

1. Product stock/order request

2. 24/7/365 shipping updates

3. Coherent internal communication

4. Real-time status updates

5. Automates payments

Herbie Offers Insights on Products & Services

1. Answers FAQ on products & Services

2. Products positioned (Aisle) at stores

3. Provides tips or reviews on specific type of products

4. Provides information about products with special dietary restriction

Herbie Offers unique shopping Experience provides an enjoyable and personalized shopping experience for every individual.

In times of global pandemic, Herbie will be a great value addition to retail industries looking for new ways to reach customers and win global markets.

To know how Herbie Retail Chatbot helps in your retail business, please visit us at –

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