How to enhance the customer experience through Insurance Chatbot?

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Herbie.AI – Chatbot brings advanced technology in the Insurance sector.  Insurance Chatbots are beneficial for both insurance companies and their customers.  Gives 24/7 access to support, provides an instant quote and offers policy details without any human intervention.

Chatbots are scalable solutions for quality support and by implementing an insurance chatbot will satisfy the customers and investors.  Helps the insurance companies to process new claims, helps to find the right policy and the right quote in a few clicks.  Chatbots integrate with the back-end systems of Insurance providers to create claim tickets and advance the process of managing the respective claims.  More easy-to-access platform and can be launched in website, slack, social media platforms or email exchanges.

How AI chatbots are used in insurance sector?

Chatbots can solve their problems through frequently asked questions.  Customers are preferred to use chatbots than web forms and shifts from phone calls to mobile application and messaging.  With the chatbots and multi-channel integrations can have a solution to bridge the expectations of customers and can be changed from traditional conversation into a two-way interaction.

A website or other platforms with proper chatbot implementation provides guidance for buying the insurance claims and delivers faster and efficient claims management via automation.

Personalized Quotes

When the customer requires quotation, a chatbot can gather key details about property, health, vehicles etc., and provides a personalized quotes instantly.  Chatbot enables people to ask questions, like engages with a human agent.

Claim Filling

When the policyholder submits the claim with the help of chatbot by collecting the right information to process the claim.  Depends on the type of insurance or claim, needs documents, images or videos for probing the claims.  By implementing this AI technology, chatbot asks for a new image file, if it doesn’t meet requirements.

Claim Status Updates

If any changes occur in the claim, Chatbots reach out to policyholders to keep them updated about the status of the claim.  Reduces the time for the customer, and makes a drastic impact on the overall customer experience.

Tailored Assistance

Customer reaches out with question regarding the policies and procedures, a chatbot provides answers instantly.  Chatbot can also answer basic queries related to the products and services.

Prevents Fraudulent

Health Insurance Chatbots detects the fraud by probing the additional proof of documents and escalates immediately to the higher officials.

Personalized responses

Customers require more personalization conversation from providers.  Helps agents to respond faster with customized templates from back-end systems on insurance agents.

Lead Generation and Conversion Rate

Leads are generated by the different marketing platform that every organization runs.  Then it can be generated, when the customer visits the website or the portal for the information gathering regarding insurance claims.  Marketing team handles the customer and increases their sales efficiency.

Live agent Support

Chatbot helps with the general queries, where the human intervention is required for complex queries.  Whatever the complex queries transfers to the agent in real-time and provides solutions for their queries.

Customer Experience and Feedback

AI chatbots implemented in company websites becomes much more interactive and engaging for users.  Customers can reach out to specific pages for the particular action offers superior customer experience by eliminating to skim through multiple pages.

Chatbots are becoming the industry norm

Many insurance companies deploys the Conversational chatbots for various uses and viewed as a profitable investment.  Chatbot building platform is dedicated to solve the challenges faced by both the customers and insurance agents.

Omni-Channel Experience

Insurance providers keeps the other channels active such as Email, Social Media Channels, messaging apps like whatsapp and other platforms used to communicate with the agents.  Conversational AI platform has the potential to facilitate the conversation and collects the information in a single source of channel and makes it available across the enterprise.

Automates the Purchasing Journey

Enhance the customer experience by AI Chatbot also impacts the buyer’s journey.  Where the insurance products are homogenous like travel, motor, home coverages.  Spend huge amount for advertising to drive traffic for purchasing sites.  Each percentage increase in conversion counts and brings higher ROI for advertisement.

a. Pre-Purchase:

Educate consumers regarding the products, provides guidance and supports them in their respective channels as they do their research.  Visitor data collected in the chatbot interface can be used by the sales and marketing teams for the lead generation and nurture their conversion.

b. Purchase:

Document submission, payment transactions, policy information retrieval are carried out in this phase through AI chatbots.

c. Post-Purchase:

Scope of the chatbot becomes more complex about policy serving.  Some of the key tasks involve policy renewals, general queries, payments, sending alerts and reminders etc.,

Conversational AI in Insurance is the future

Now a days, Chatbot becomes advanced technology and enhance their value to the industry.  Provides a solution for the complexity of insurance transactions by reducing the time consumed for form-filling and background checks.