[Know How’s] Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses – A Comprehensive Guide

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Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

2. Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

a) Enhance the customer service
b) Shaping your Brand Awareness
c) Move visitors to your product page
d) Keep Customers engaged with your brand through Broadcast messages

3. Importance of Messenger Bots for Businesses

4. Bot Strategy: Messenger Bots for Businesses

5. Advantages of Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses


  1. Introduction: Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

Facebook Messenger is an ideal platform to induce in touch with your potential customers. It’s a strong combination of social network and chat application.

Users are already accustomed to get in touch with companies via social networks. Additionally, they’re aware of using the Facebook Messenger: There are 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger. Thus, it’s one amongst the foremost widely used chat applications worldwide.

Facebook Messenger bots for businesses may be a practical tool to assist companies adapt to those user habits and improve their customer service. A bot can answer customer inquiries on Facebook round the clock. They will solve customer problems on its own or, if necessary, refer it to a support team human employee. This implies long waiting times just in case of a high number of inquiries or on the weekend, are a thing of the past.

  1. Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

a. Enhance the customer service

The obvious purpose of extending conversations is done by using Messenger chatbots. Through the employment of automated messaging, you’re bound to provide potential customers with an instantaneous response to any questions they’ll have.

Providing excellent customer services is crucial to upping your conversion rates and sets you aside from the competition. When building your chatbot, check that you’re taking into consideration FAQs sent to your business and supply a way through which individuals can quickly find answers to them. The simplest approach to do that is to supply multiple choice responses that gently narrow right down to a particular question.

By ensuring that you simply are providing high-quality answers, potential customers can quickly and simply decide if they need to get your products or services. Not only does the relaying of accurate and precise information play to your favour, but by providing a direct response you’re reducing the possibilities of those people sourcing an alternate supplier or buying from someone with a quicker response rate.

b. Shaping your Brand Awareness

Use your Facebook messenger bots for businesses to let people know what it’s your company does, particularly when communicating with people that have recently entered your brand’s sphere of influence. This is often an excellent approach to capture interest. By conveying your brand unique way that appeals to your audience, you’re qualifying people from colder audience to a warm audience and moving them down your sales funnel. There are a couple of ways to perform this, and there’s no reason that you just can’t do all of them. It’s all about what works best for your brand.

First up, provide those who attempt to message you with a greeting message. This enables them to find out a touch more about your business before they engage in conversation.

The second option is to list a menu at rock bottom of your Messenger window. This allows people to ask inquiries to learn more about whom you’re, what you are doing, and other useful information.

You can also engage in brand awareness directly as a part of your bot conversation. By letting people understand a recent event your business has been a vicinity of or a noteworthy project you’ve been functioning on, you’re likely to capture your audience’s attention.

c. Move visitors to your product page

Once you’ve used one or both of the above features to warm your audience up, you’ll start directing them to your product pages. However, it’s important that you just make it feel natural and conversational and NOT sort of a sales pitch.

This can be an enormous no. If you don’t want to direct people to your product pages this manner, you’ll always add a store button to the menu, but well-organized conversation does tend to figure well.

d. Keep Customers engaged with your brand through Broadcast messages

As well as your standard bot conversation, you’ll send circumstantial broadcasts to your subscribers. There are many useful ways to use these to draw attention back to your brand and increase customer lifetime value and therefore the likelihood of future conversions. All over again, ensure that these aren’t too sales orientated and send them out sparingly – no over once per week.

You can use broadcasts to let customers understand important news you’re thinking that they’re going to find interesting, to supply them content that they will find useful like a blog which can draw them back to your website, or to ask them if they need to be made conscious of future product launches and knowledge .

With broadcasts implemented by Facebook messenger bots for business, it’s important to not bombard people with information but to have interaction them during a conversation. Try asking inquiries to see if they’re interested and need to continue. You ought to also offer multiple opportunities to finish the conversation if they aren’t interested.

  1. Importance of Messenger Bots for Businesses

Messenger Bots for Businesses

With a well-staffed customer service department, bots could appear sort of a pointless extravagance—but they provide all businesses significant benefits, including:

Reducing the workload for frontline staff, allowing them to specialize in more complicated customer issues

Being available 24/7/365—even when your staffed service desk isn’t

Letting customers access basic information quickly and simple, increasing the convenience of your offering

What effect will these benefits wear your bottom line?

Juniper Research estimates chat bots will cut global business costs by $8 billion a year by 2022

  1. Bot Strategy: Messenger Bots for Businesses

As with all sales and marketing activities, it’s essential to begin with a technique. First, define your goals. What does one want to attain by implementing this new tool? Which operations does one or your team currently manage that a bot could easily handle? Take a small amount of your time to research the foremost common topics/requests on which your audience contacts you.

For example, if you get a large amount of messages about your store hours or shipment’s status, program a Messenger bot to perform this. Just imagine what proportion time you’d save!

Once you’ve established your goals, make sure to:

Set clear expectations for the customer: Be transparent along with your customers – allow them to know they’re lecture a bot. Doing this, they’ll know what type of inquiries to ask and the way to urge more help.

Personalize content: Remember that not all customers are identical. They need specific needs. The most effective path to cover your audience’s needs is to segment them and train your bot to ask questions supported their preferences. Given the answers it receives, you must be able to provide it with tailored responses that talk to every audience segment. Build a bot that gives genuinely helpful information, not just generic answers. Facebook messenger bots for businesses should be personalized in order to unleash its full potential.

Don’t venture to switch the human connection: While bots can handle a great deal, they can’t replace a person’s communication skills and personality. Design your bot in order that it recognizes when human interaction is require. Give your customers the choice to talk to a true person at any point within the conversation.

Keep improving: Your Facebook Messenger bots for businesses must align with the remainder of your social media strategy. Like all plans, you have got to research and improve them regularly. Keep an eye fixed on your bots’ performance, and see what areas you’ll be able to enhance on a timely basis. You may make out quarterly, for instance.

  1. Advantages of Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses:

Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses

Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses are gaining more attention within the field of Online Marketing. Being an early adopter of chat bot technology will provide you with a major benefit as a marketer over other competitors.

And the purpose of chat bots is to support and scale business teams in their relationship with the customer.

The most important benefits of Facebook Messenger Chat bots are:

1. Available 24*7
2. Handling Customers
3. Help you save money
4. Provide 100% satisfaction to the customer
5. Automation of repetitive work
6. Flexible Attribute
7. Cost-Effective
8. Fast On boarding
9. Personal Assistant
10. Lead Nurturing

Chat bots are an efficient trend for the business that can enlarge your brand’s value by implementing Facebook Messenger bots for businesses i.e., marketing with the use of chat bots.