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Human conversations are incredible, which makes them very special and unique. The conversations are usually a complex mix of emotions, recalling information and adding a personal touch with their tone and slang.

The market is flooded with variety of bots that can chat and automate certain operations. A few bots can even perform Voice interactions and are of great assistance in Customer care services. But some bots like Herbie are very special because they can understand us like our friends, our slang, our incomplete sentences and pep talks. They are really cool to interact with!


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The Challenges of Voice bots

Some of the most common challenges are:

          • A machine-like/ robotic voice
          • A delay in response
          • Difficulty in understanding nuances & emotions
          • Limited language support
          • Difficulty Understanding Slang, dialects, incomplete sentences and more.

We can achieve quality excellence if the conversation between a human and a machine has quick response sequence, intelligent conversation prompts and natural voice cultures.

Herbie Conversational AI

Herbie is carefully crafted to address these challenges and also to make the conversations friendlier and appropriate by using the rich blend of NLU, NLP, ML & RPA with Sentiment Analysis embedded.

That’s because human interactions are multilayered. Every dialogue will be based either on a shared context or previous conversations and the responses will usually flow without any delays. We are more comfortable conversing in our native language with our dialects.

It would be really wonderful if we can do business in a way, like talking to our buddies.

      • Being capable of understanding slang, dialects and incomplete sentences in more than 132 languages is just one of the things that make Herbie exceptional.
      • Herbie (Chatbot Development) is an advanced and well matured conversational AI with 20+ superior voice cultures to choose. Herbie can understand utterances in native languages and hence it can address global markets with diversified populations.
      • Herbie can facelift your brand to a new level and can automate time consuming, monotonous operations thereby reducing operational costs and increases sales revenue.
      • Herbie is built in synchronous with various business verticals like Healthcare, Banking, IT helpdesk, HR, Education, Insurance, Automobile, Retail, Government, Manufacturing, Telco, Hospitality and more.
      • Herbie has pre-built configuration to 12 social channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, SFB, Slack, Kik, Telegram, Twilio and more.
      • Herbie is Market ready for bespoke deployment. Herbie attains 60-70% maturity on pilot and gains momentum of 95% within 6 months.


Currently Herbie Corona is assisting millions of people around the world conversationally by explaining safety measures, symptoms and precautions.

Bring Herbie to your business and delight your customers & employees with 24/7 friendly conversational assistance.

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