7 ways to Automate Business with Emerging Technologies

“Survival of the fittest” has always been with us and business is no exception to that. Industrialization and development has led to evolution in life style through ages. Today is the era of digitalization. You can buy anything from any part of the world without even moving from your couch. Isn’t that interesting? There is more in this digital world […]

Revolutionize Business with AI intelligence

Herbie IT Helpdesk Voice Bot can be of immense help to the industries going through a churn to balance the lack of infrastructure during and after this pandemic. Herbie is an advanced and highly intelligent voice assistant available 24/7, connected to 13+ social networks, can resolve queries, perform transactions, submit forms, book appointments, maintain records, answers FAQs and many more. […]

Let’s have natural and rich conversational experiences with Herbie.ai

Human conversations are incredible, which makes them very special and unique. The conversations are usually a complex mix of emotions, recalling information and adding a personal touch with their tone and slang. The market is flooded with variety of bots that can chat and automate certain operations. A few bots can even perform Voice interactions and are of great assistance […]

You can stay connected in your business despite global pandemic. Want to know how?

  “Stay safe…Stay connected,” is our current mission to the team. Not just one team, but multiple teams around the world. Yes we have our presence in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India. Things have changed a lot in a month’s time. Our eating style, life style, and obviously our working style; everything has changed. Evolution and upgrade has […]

Conversational Roadmap for Business

50% of enterprises will be spending more per annum on bots and Chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development by 2021- Gartner. Conversational interface, superior voice culture, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Robotic Process Automation are all integral parts of what we like to call Herbie, the conversational AI. The Herbie bot in the market today can accomplish […]

Herbie offers an ideal solution for your Business blockage

Many commercial enterprises got crippled due to this pandemic and are focusing on corrective measures to prevail in the market…Survival of the Fittest… We hear all around about community distancing, work from home, distance schooling and the circumstances include increased requirement for medical manpower, depreciated customer care staffs, shrunken Helpdesk cooperation, closed schools and colleges and cluster of other issues. […]