Revolutionize Business with AI intelligence

Revolutionize Business with AI intelligence

Herbie IT Helpdesk Voice Bot can be of immense help to the industries going through a churn to balance the lack of infrastructure during and after this pandemic.

Herbie is an advanced and highly intelligent voice assistant available 24/7, connected to 13+ social networks, can resolve queries, perform transactions, submit forms, book appointments, maintain records, answers FAQs and many more. Herbie offers smart assistance by providing two way communications in 45 languages and more than 132 languages via text.

Revolutionize Business with AI intelligence - Herbie


Herbie AI at your service:

RPA, AI and ML embedded advanced conversational AI Chatbot can perform operations like,

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Availability over Voice & Text
  • Raise Support Ticket – Create/Reschedule/Re-open
  • Password Set/Reset Assistance
  • Schedule – Server & Facilities Maintenance
  • Setting up Wi-Fi/VPN/WebEx, etc. for business
  • Automate Notifications
  • Intervention Alerts
  • Incident/Outage Management
  • Multi factor Authentication with OTP/SSO
  • Asset Management – list/request/return/status of assets
  • Access Request for Resources
  • Assisting queries through Emails/calls/websites/Application URLs, etc.
  • Ready built interfaces with your existing CRM

Herbie can also be engaged in industries like Banking, Health Care, Hospitality, Retail, HR, Insurance, Education, Government and more.

Herbie is market ready, can be deployed in less than 2 weeks and can show ROI in less than 6 months.

Seize the opportunity to grow your business with Herbie.

Now Business is more pleasure than pressure!!

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