Tourism revitalized with AI Intelligence

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Travel and tourism industry has been shaken by the pandemic and is emerging from unforeseen catastrophe. Nothing is more beneficial for people than offering them an opportunity to safely explore places around them. Tons of enquiries are common before visiting a place. It could be as simple as: does my hotel have a complimentary breakfast? Will they stop for coffee on the way back? Or it can be complex, like do they allow pets in the hotel? How many will they accommodate in the bus or the RV?

The tourism industry contributes both to the country’s revenue and heritage. Millions of people worldwide have the overriding ambition of their lives to visit as many places as possible. Giving them a treasured experience with personalized assistance will delight customers and increases customer loyalty to the tourism industry.

Conversational AI offers a reliable business solution

Conversation AI like Herbie can offer an outstanding service by aiding to the customer expectations day and night. Tourism is all about luxury, experience and fulfilling desires. It is generally a planned event with loads of expectation and budget involved. But many a times it’s an opportunity to get away with friends and families.

Customer service is the key to travel and tourism sector. By bringing high level of satisfaction to customers they are motivated to come back and recommend it to their loved ones.

Conversational AI like Herbie can contribute to personally assist each customer with their anticipations.

Herbie is an advanced and matured voice assistant with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Herbie supports multiple languages and hence it will be easy for the tourists to interact in their native language and get their work done. Herbie is integrated to 12+ social channels to help customers conveniently engage and get necessary assistance they are looking for.

Exceptional customer service and benefits

Herbie can recommend suitable travel plan itinerary even with short notice. This isn’t everything. There will be often curious questions from the visitors when they are touring monuments or landmarks. Even the best guide won’t be able to answer all the questions in the guest’s language of preference. Herbie can be loaded with information and the guests can query Herbie conversationally.

Herbie can offer a trustworthy guided tour to visitors who are new to the place, by helping them with language, modes of transportation available, currency and estimated pay for the rides, local dining options with menu and so on.

Customer service is an integral part of tourism. It is like giving the best experience to customers within the stipulated time as tours are mostly time sensitive.

People prefer group tours for budget reasons and miss out the fun things they could do if they travel alone. Herbie can propose personalized experiences by suggesting places and helps them to join the group even with their detours.


Tailoring recommendations, fastest response time, improved level of personalization

Herbie can offer suggestions to customers on planning their holidays centered on their desires. Herbie can provide recommendations on the local festivals and galas, special attractions, sports events, special occasion reservations like wedding, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Herbie can alert the guests on travel itinerary and can send reminders in their preferred social media channels. Herbie can offer assistance by providing information on what’s planned for the day well in advance and can answer questions related to it with never ending enthusiasm.

Herbie can answer FAQs on the website, social media channels, emails, direct calls and even walk-ins 24/7 without any delays or wait times.


AI infused travel plan with Herbie

Herbie can offer support to corporate on business visit to places around the world. Business visits are relatively short with less prior notice. Herbie with its intelligence can suggest best travel plans or itinerary and minimize the effort involved in making reservations for transport and accommodations. Herbie with its intelligence can resolve language barriers that can pose hurdles in tourism.

Herbie can perform following functions to facilitate Tourism

1. Herbie can recommend suitable itinerary for travel
2. Can send reminders on social media channels of travel bookings
3. Can provide information on landmarks or travel destinations based on the itinerary
4. Herbie can recommend restaurants, local events based on the location
5. Herbie can provide seamless human handoffs in case of emergency
6. Can provide information on travel insurance or policies
7. Offer assistance 24/7 at anytime, anywhere
8. Integrated to 12+ social channels for instant service
9. Supports 132+ languages (also understands- dialects, slangs, colloquial)
10. Offers information on local transportations and estimated fare rates
11. Elaborates on travel packages, subscription and membership
12. Herbie can perform transactions through payment gateways
13. Send personalized deals and discounts

Herbie can offer assistance and can transform every aspect of tourism industry. Visit us –