Verification of WhatsApp Business accounts

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The WhatsApp business account is to provide an easy way for you to share and manage your WhatsApp accounts with others. It includes all your messages, contacts, and messages from yesterday and all the messages from yesterday‘s contacts. It also provides a way to manage and share your business contacts with other WhatsApp users. You can also set up automated responses and notifications to keep your customers informed.

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There are two ways to verify a WhatsApp Business account:

  1. Via an online form
  2. Via an in-person visit


If you choose to verify your account via an online form, you will need to provide some basic information about your business, such as your business name, email address, and website. You will also be required to upload a copy of your business license or registration. Once your information has been submitted, WhatsApp will review your application and decide whether or not to approve your request for verification.


If you choose to verify your account in person, you will need to visit a WhatsApp Business office in person and present your business license or registration. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be issued a verification code that you can use to verify your WhatsApp Business account. 


Once your WhatsApp Business account has been verified, you will be able to use all of the features that are available to verified businesses, including the ability to send messages to customers, create customer profiles, and use WhatsApp Business analytics.

Integrating WhatsApp with Herbie.AI

Herbie.AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) platform that provides companies with a powerful solution to automate customer service, sales and marketing operations. Through its integration with WhatsApp, Herbie.AI enables companies to deliver personalized customer service experiences, increase sales, and improve marketing campaigns, all in one place.


With’s WhatsApp integration, companies can create automated conversations with customers through the popular messaging app. Companies can also use the integration to send personalized messages to customers, such as product recommendations, special offers, and more.

The integration with WhatsApp also makes it easy for companies to track customer interactions, allowing them to identify trends in customer conversations and make better decisions about how to improve their customer service.

The integration also enables companies to use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze customer conversations and extract important insights that can be used to improve customer service.

Overall, the integration of Herbie.AI and WhatsApp has the potential to revolutionize how companies interact with their customers, allowing them to provide better customer service, increase sales, and improve marketing campaigns.