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Chatbots are the latest technology to meet the world of customer service and with virtual assistants it is similar to human receptionists. chatbots are software programs that are designed to answer questions and carry out giving notification, gathering information and answering queries. Unlike human receptionists, however, chatbots can respond to questions in a more natural manner and are often able to carry out complex tasks with a fraction of time. Most people are familiar with digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana the chatbots are becoming more and more advanced in the customer engagement and in lead generation for the organization.

Chatbots are software programs that simulate human conversation. They can respond to questions and give information, sometimes even like human beings. They are fun to interact with, and they are increasingly used in many applications. Today, we will look at the basics of how a chatbot works.

Types of Chatbot

Chatbots are one of the great technology to use in many sectors. They have the potential to perform complex tasks and conversations with human beings, while also having the advantage of being able to learn, respond, and evolve over time. There are three varieties of chatbots 1. Rule based chatbot 2. AI chatbot 3. Live chatbot

Rule based chatbot:

They are created with a predefined according allow you to guide your audience towards specific outputs. They cannot able to perform more than the scripted one.

AI chatbot:

They are more flexible and human like conversation, they can able to learn more from the user’s interactions. It can analyse the human interactions, Understanding behavioral patterns, Learning and adapting to user preferences and will reply according to it.

Live chatbot:

These chatbots will have a human touch, these are used by the help desk teams to connect and solve the user queries. Most larger organizations use live agent to answer the customer queries.

Let us see how a chatbot work

Chatbots works by adopting to 3 types of methords  (1) pattern matching (2) Algorithms (3) Artificial Neural networks. Chatbot uses AI to learn what you need and respond appropriately, customer requests are analyzed for language, syntax, and semantics to respond with maximum accuracy. The machine learning helps the user to find what they need faster and more accurate, which allows them to analyze how the user interacts with it and store the information for future use and respond accordingly.

chatbot working process

Benifits of using AI chatbot assistant:

Artificial Intelligence are used in many sectors to reduce the work and to reduce operational cost for the for the organization, it helps in predicting the sales forcast and solving queries.

1. Increase in Customer engagement through websites: AI Chatbots helps in customer engament to our website, which helps the organization to focus on customer engagement through analytics and it helps them to convert into sales.

2. Ontime service: It helps to solve the customer queries ontime, so that it helps in building the reputation building for the organization. It also helps us find information, and even helps us in our personal lives.

3. Application Integeration: AI chatbots can be Integerated in custom applications and on social platforms, so that it works well with the Enterprise or business application and helps in automation process

4. Helps in Lead generation: Chatbots guides the vistors with the requirement they need, with the live chat support they help to increase more sales for the organization.

5.Helps in Workforce maintenance: It can detect and helps in workforce failure and maintenance, and it can intimate the organization through immediate notification

Chatbots are one of the most exciting technologies in the world today. They have the potential to perform complex tasks and conversations with human beings, while also having the advantage of being able to learn, respond, and evolve over time. They can be a valuable tool for customers and businesses alike. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about chatbots, which makes it hard for people to understand how they work.

There’s been a lot of hype around artificial intelligence over the last few years. From movies like Whiplash to news articles about the demise of humans, it’s hard not to feel like humans. But as AI continues to improve, it’s becoming clear that the technology has the potential to be more than just a tool.

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