You can stay connected in your business despite global pandemic - Want to know how?

“Stay safe…Stay connected,” is our current mission to the team. Not just one team, but multiple teams around the world. Yes we have our presence in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India.

Things have changed a lot in a month’s time. Our eating style, life style, and obviously our working style; everything has changed. Evolution and upgrade has always been with us since the days of inception, luckily adaptation too. This helped us to be more connected to the world now than ever before. Great news! I’m currently hanging out with my schoolmates whom I saw two decades ago. It’s no big deal now.

Here comes this social distancing and a new dimension has emerged which has spun the way we approached business. We never knew this new possibility of functioning remotely.” Necessity is the mother of all inventions” and yes it is so true today. We are not alone in the spin; the whole world is spinning with us. Sci-fi books mention about the existence of a fifth dimension where time is just a perception, i.e. we are both in present and in future. I think similar one is happening today with our business ecosystem. We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in business communication and interactions. The earth will be completely sanitized and ready for us, so let’s not waste time waiting for it. Opportunities are now no more restricted to any borders.

Our company is a big network of like-minded positive people who take even the worst calamity as a blessing in disguise. We as a team are connected with our clients like we always do and support them no matter what. We have a suite of products like AI Herbie Voice BoT for –IT Helpdesk, HR, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Automobile, Retail, Manufacturing, Telco, Hospitality and Government too. These products are making our lives easier and their performance has impressed clients to make them ask for more.

Herbie is an advanced and highly intelligent voice assistant available 24/7, connected to 13+ social networks , can resolve queries, perform transactions, submit forms, book appointments, maintain records, answers FAQs and are suitable for industries like banking, Health Care, Hospitality, Retail, HR, Insurance, Education, Government and more. Herbie offers smart assistance by providing two way communications in 45 languages and more than 132 languages via text. Herbie is market ready, can be deployed in less than 2 weeks and can show ROI in less than 6 months.

It’s the bots which keeps our business runs successfully in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India and helping us to stay safe & connected. We made our scheduled deliverables on time without any glitches. Not skipped a single deadline or a meeting. We even had a team lunch over the meet (don’t worry, online).

If you want to experience the same, it’s just a click away.

Herbie Chatbot can show great results to your business, Go Herbie!!!