Corona Awareness Chatbot

You must have heard about the Coronavirus by now.

The sad truth is that it spreads rapidly and will continue to spread for a while. Do you know that we get about 13,000 new cases a day and it's rising rapidly? People's fear makes them ask endless questions and they expect no less than health care providers to answer them.

'Herbie 4 Corona' was built to combat rumours, inform the people and add a sense of calmness to the current situation of turmoil. Herbie is committed to assisting the government with all the possible strengths and tools available,and hopes this Chatbot will help spread the right information across the nation.

The benefits of this voice bot includes:

It can converse in more than 40+ languages and just like humans it can understand slang, accent , native languages and 132+ languages via Text

Herbie4Corona is available round the clock with you, to guide and educate you.

Provides information on safety measures to be followed like proper method to wear masks, hygiene routines, answers to FAQ and other related contents.

Why suffer the mis-information when Herbie4Corona is here ! Lets fight corona together