How Chatbots represent a huge opportunity for Retail Industry?

  In recent trends, E-Commerce has emerged 5% in 2021, leads to 17.5% of total global retail sales.  Technology has evolved for the rapid growth of Industry and creates a flawless experience for customers, advanced technology provides the way for the future of e-commerce. Technology is viewed as impersonal and provides a uniform experience to every individual.  Advanced technology in […]

How to enhance the customer experience through Insurance Chatbot?

    Herbie.AI – Chatbot brings advanced technology in the Insurance sector.  Insurance Chatbots are beneficial for both insurance companies and their customers.  Gives 24/7 access to support, provides an instant quote and offers policy details without any human intervention. Chatbots are scalable solutions for quality support and by implementing an insurance chatbot will satisfy the customers and investors.  Helps […]

Why Chatbots are Important for Healthcare Process?

  Herbie.AI – offers an efficient solution for healthcare to support patient and doctor engagement.  Chatbots are implemented in the healthcare sector by automating all the repetitive and handling the basic query where the representatives perceive.  Healthcare professionals are interfered with the complex tasks and take care of them efficiently.  AI platform helps the healthcare sector to gain a competitive […]

Conversational AI holds the key for secured banking services

The evolution in banking technology has been a vital part of industrial growth. Financial services are essential for almost everybody from a normal person to a big industrialist. Offering services and immediate assistance is crucial for financial institutions. On top of it, the services should be convenient enough to continue with them. Resolving the inquiries, alerting false transactions, and the […]

Conversational AI for Social Media Marketing

Conversation is the key for social media. All the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are focused on sharing information and establishing a connect through rich conversations. When it comes to marketing breaking the ice between the vendor and the client has always been very challenging. The emergence of social media platforms has boosted the marketing arenas and with […]

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants for the Enterprise Applications: Need of the Decade

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Virtual Assistants Framework 3. Virtual assistants for the enterprise Products 3.1 Learning Capabilities 3.2 Factors Constituting to Application of Virtual Assistants 3.3 Sectors Likely to Adopt Virtual Assistants 4. Chatbots for Enterprise Products 5. Use Cases in Enterprise Chatbots and Virtual Assistants for the Enterprise – Introduction If you have got recently contacted a […]

A Definitive Guide – Difference Between Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

Table of Contents: Introduction What are Chatbots? What are Virtual Assistants? Difference between Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 3.1 Natural Language processing 3.2 Keeping up consistency 3.3 Manage Conversation 3.4 Understanding Capabilities 3.5 Contextual Processing 3.6 Continuous operation 3.7 Companion Connections Myth busters Myth 1: A chatbot isn’t intelligent enough Myth 2: A virtual assistant can perform a wider range of […]

[Know How’s] Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses – A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses 2. Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for Businesses a) Enhance the customer service b) Shaping your Brand Awareness c) Move visitors to your product page d) Keep Customers engaged with your brand through Broadcast messages 3. Importance of Messenger Bots for Businesses 4. Bot Strategy: Messenger Bots for Businesses […]