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Long gone are the days when people look for deal advertisements in the newspapers and TV channels or waiting for the discounts to pop up in the thanksgiving holidays and blackfriday offers.


Looks like the new era of marketing and sales have begun. You don’t have to look for the deals, the offers and promotions will be in your inbox just the way you wanted.

Shopping is no more an errand it’s full of fun and savings. Starting from groceries to booking cars everything can be bought sitting in your couch.

No more waiting on line in the customer care calls, no need of any appointment schedule with experts to have your queries resolved.

All the business formalities are simplified and assisted the way you like through talking or texting.

Yes! Welcome to the world of Conversational AI’s, your smart digital assistant forever.

Imagine a shopping experience where all you need to do is to have fun. Somebody else will do the entire math behind buying and selling things. Isn’t that Cool!

Now you can spend your valuable time with family and friends more than running the chores and do home works before buying stuff, like checking reviews, asking friend’s opinion, comparing products in the market, checking your budget, looking for variants, enquiring about loans etc.

All these won’t be necessary anymore.

We have the all-knowing Conversational AI Chatbot which can do just the thing for you.

Herbie Automobile bot, redefines your auto shopping experience.

Automobiles are big shopping decisions because they are costly and we won’t be buying them too often.

There are so many underlying aspects that determine your decision criteria.

  • Make, Model and brand
  • Look and feel of the product
  • Kind of Engine and fuel
  • Comfort level and Capacity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Mileage and throughput

and the list goes endless.

We often visit showrooms and spend hours to understand the kind of automotive we are looking for. Sometimes we are lost or get carried away by others opinion on the models who neither owns that car nor they are experts.

So, where to look for answers and stay focused on our preferences.

Conversational AI‘s are our smart choices who not only provides answers but also can narrow down the research based on our preferences.

The Machine learning enables them to pull data based on our choices and buying behaviors. They can also conversationally lead us to the buying procedures involved in shopping for cars or any other automotive.

Stages involved in buying cars are generally,

  1. Our prior knowledge and preference on Cars
  2. Enquire with the nearest dealer
  3. Read reviews about the product in the search engine
  4. Look for competitive models (websites, search engines)
  5. Mail correspondence and back n forth phone call with car sales person for product enquiry
  6. Plan a test drive (schedule appointment over phone /mail and checking availability)
  7. Discuss about EMI’s, loans or find estimates for trade-in car (if necessary)
  8. Resolve queries through customer care / with dealers over phone or in person (purchase or post-purchase )
  9. Car at your doorstep

Herbie Automobile Chatbot can minimize the steps you need to take to buy your dream car. You can converse with Herbie in your favorite social channel. (Pre-built integration with 12+ social channels). Herbie can understand the intents of the customers and navigates them based on those parameters.

Chatbots-Customer Friendly

  1. Herbie can understand the preferences you are looking for and can show variants, pricing, color, features etc., from the product catalog (text/images/videos).
  2. Check customer reviews on the product from people who use the car/ own it (Feedback from customers).
  3. Herbie can conversationally schedule your test drive appointments and send confirmation mail.
  4. Resolve your queries with Herbie anytime and anywhere
  5. Herbie can check for loan availability (based on your credit score), EMI details for the product and can provide an estimate for trade-in-car value (Kelley’s BB value or similar standard )
  6. Car at your doorstep (with very minimal trip to Dealers and zero customer care calls)
Herbie can extend the support to the existing customers by,
  1. Conversationally booking maintenance appointments
  2. Send reminders on Service schedules
  3. Resolve queries on part replacement and pricing
  4. Automotive lease plans and pricing
  5. New deals and discounts
  6. Car rentals

Chatbots- Dealer Friendly

Chatbots are getting traction not only from customers but also from the Car dealers. Chatbots can bring in more qualified leads by empowering customers to self-qualify.

  • AI Chatbot are good in driving potential prospects closer to the point of purchase.
  • Customer’s first experience and immediate response to their inquiry will give much greater benefits to the dealer.
  • Today’s millennials want immediate responses and look forward to communicating in their preferred channels. Marketing in those channels will give greater bandwidth and exposure for the product.
  • Dealers and salespeople can focus more on improving the value addition to the customers rather than attending general enquiries and answering FAQs.
  • Chatbot streamlines the dealership sales cycle
  • Conversational marketing boost both online and in-store traffic
  • Seamless human handoffs
  • It’s a Win-Win for both customers and the dealers.

There is a study which says customers often spend $1200 for the first six years in maintenance and often spend this on their local mechanics.

If dealers can build rapport with their clients through chatbots they can reconnect with their clients throughout the maintenance cycle, which will be a steady flow of income for the dealers.

Chatbots- Market Friendly

Gartner report predicted that, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have chatbots by 2020.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the market with its evolving  intelligent frameworks like AI, ML, RPA, NLP, Voice integration, Sentiment Analysis etc.,

Chatbots are considered great conversational marketing tools as they can communicate one-on-one with customers in number of social media platforms.


Chatbots are suitable for any kind of industry and social media platforms. We can globalize the products and widen the scope of marketing with conversational AI’s like Herbie.

Bring Herbie Automobile Chatbot to your business to reap the benefits of more market landscape and to increase brand visibility.

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