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Telecommunication sector is undergoing rapid transformations to keep up with the technology upgrades and evolving customer desires.

Digitization has introduced new trends of interaction between business and customers.  Customer driven markets are flourishing and key focus is on identifying customer needs before they even know and offering solutions that caters to their requirements.

Chatbots for Telecommunication Industry - Herbie AI

The promising technology evolution also poses some viable challenges for the telecom business to give their best to their customers.

Challenges in the Telecom industry:

The telecommunications sector encounters critical issues like,

      • Poor customer service
      • Frequent outages
      • Network traffic and Congestion
      • Over pouring customer calls and wait times
      • Tracking resources and managing them
      • Invoice and billing disputes
      • Increased data breaches and fraud
      • Customer retention and loyalty
      • Brand awareness, social media presence and so on.

The most effective solution that can address these glitches and also deliver exceptional service to customers will be the usage of Chatbots.

Advantages of having Chatbots in the telecom industry:

With the innovation of Chatbots, the customer service landscape of all the industries has reached new heights.

Telecom Chatbot -can streamline complex workflows with simple procedures; automate repetitive tasks and save significant amount of time spent in addressing FAQs and simple queries.

Herbie – conversational AI can do wonders in assisting customers by addressing their queries on time, monitor their data usage and recommend plans that are more suitable for them.

It’s a great value addition for telecom providers because of its multifaceted capabilities.


In the conventional system, customers need to approach the telecom providers/ dealers to get their request processed which also includes several back and forth email and phone calls.

Innovation in telecom landscape

AI Chatbot for Telecom – are the latest additions to the industrial space and have already started yielding great results by automating repetitive tasks and fetching data with greater accuracy and speed.  After Alexa and Google Assistant, customer expectations have soared to new heights.

Millennials are more comfortable with “couch shopping” in their preferred social media platforms staying at home. Herbie is integrated to 12+ social channels and can engage the customers in their desired platform.

Owing to pandemic, companies are preferring to give more work from home opportunities to its employees raising more demand for telecom providers and their services like VOIP, wireless systems,  broadband internet & data services etc.,

Huge surge in demand for data and self service

Owing to surging usage of Smart phones, staying connected has become extremely important. Competition is heavy in the telecom business and delays in connecting with the customer may result in losing your customer. Customer prefers instant request-process models and self-service options compared to calling customer care.

Customers can interact with Herbie to get majority of their requests processed without the need to contact the support personnel. Herbie can also seamlessly transfer the call to the human agents if requested or if it is necessary.

Avoid spanning different departments

Herbie Telecom Chatbot can effortlessly transfer the call to the right department and share the chat transcripts to ease customers from repeating the details, aiding the staff to process the request without any delays. This saves effort of both the staffs and the customers thereby decreasing the query resolution time. Improved productivity of the employees can be spent on more revenue generating tasks.

Reliability and customer retention

Herbie can assist customer queries with precise and unbiased information thereby making it more reliable. Billing disputes, international packages, top-up plans, bill payments, outages and several other issues can be raised and addressed through Herbie. Customers get their first line of support from Herbie and this immediate response helps in customer loyalty and retention.

Every conversation is an opportunity

Herbie AI Chatbot interacts with customers and offers suitable assistance.  Based on any incoming enquiry, Herbie can cross sell and up sell products that benefits the customer. For instance, if the customer is enquiring for international data plans, Herbie can offer assistance by suggesting roaming bundles that suits the customer needs.  Based on the customer profiles, personalized campaigns and offers can be generated and shared with them. Herbie aids in more lead generation opportunities.

Fraud detection & Proactive maintenance

Herbie can alert and notify exceptions which help in fraud detection. Herbie can monitor network congestions, traffic, high usage areas and can collate the results in a single dashboard for the telecom providers to take preventive measures. Herbie can schedule proactive maintenance to avoid equipment failure and over usage.

Winning edge with Conversational AI

Herbie is a highly advanced conversational assistant that supports 132+ languages, 12+ Social channels, available 24/7 to address queries and provide service assistance.  It also saves money and effort of the telecom providers by offering analytics on customer usage behavior, collate reports on single dashboard, send personalized campaigns & deals , reminders on bill payments & dues, alerts potential outages based on usage etc.,

Employing Herbie will certainly empower telecom providers to scale up their business and reach more global customers.

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