Digital Assistants for Hospitality – Enriches Customer Journey

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Digital assistants or voice assistants are becoming an inevitable part of every major industry and have revamped all of them (the industries) with their intelligence and their speed at resolving queries for the customers.

In the digital era of customer-centric business, industries are working towards finding more ways to understand customer behavior and offer service that supersedes [the customer’s] expectations.

Businesses like Hotel, Travel and Tourism that are entirely dependent on customers can benefit significantly with the aid of Chatbots.

Technology is changing the world at an increasingly speedy pace. Chatbots have evolved as well. Chatbots with a human touch like Herbie are capturing the market space.

Herbie is an advanced and matured AI Voice bot with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). It can understand the customer’s intents and provide them with the appropriate response. Herbie:

1. Has a high level of intelligence,

2. Can answer FAQs

3. Can be integrated to payment gateways to perform transactions

4. Can be integrated to social media to promote brand value and engage visitors

5. Can be automated to send reminders on bookings and custom-tailored recommendations

6. Can perform Guest Check-In/Check-Out process

7. Can make reservation for restaurants, hotel facilities, transportation etc.,

8. Available round the clock 24/7 and so much more.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Every individual has unique needs and demands with the hotel industry. Be it business trip, family vacation, or fun trip; the list goes on and on. Meeting all the needs or demands and serving beyond what is expected is the need of the hour. Hospitality Chatbot like Herbie can create a delightful and comfortable stay by instantly addressing customer demands, thus improving relationship between the hotels and guests. This can boost revenue to the business and also promote customer loyalty.

Information Hub – Respond to messages immediately

Millennials enjoy instant information exchange. It is an important deciding factor when it comes to booking travel and hotels. When the customer makes an enquiry which is resolved immediately, they are inclined to book that hotel, over the others that keep them waiting. Herbie has pre-built integration to 12+ social channels and can respond to visitors in any of their preferred channels quickly and efficiently. This instant engagement with the visitors helps in the lead conversion rates and brings in more business.

Conversational Booking and self-service

Conversational booking is gaining grounds over filling out web forms. The hotel availability, room options, amenities can be conversationally discussed with Herbie and can proceed with booking the rooms of your choice. Hence human agent intervention is greatly minimized.

Herbie can check-in customers with personalized greeting messages which add value to your brand. The whole Check-in/Check-out process is a breeze for both your guests and staffs with Herbie.

Herbie can update the customers on hotel amenities, sight-seeing recommendations, transportation facility and other FAQs even at unusual hours.

Customers can conversationally book reservations for restaurants, Spa facilities, and transportation through Herbie. Herbie can also send reminders to customers on their bookings in their preferred social media channels. All these can be performed with very less or even without any human intervention. Hotels can handle customers more effectively during busy peak seasons and holidays.

Hotel staffs can be intimated on delayed check-ins and check-outs through bots and any other special requirements from the customer. This gives the hotel staff heads-up to be ready for their guests and serve them without any delay.


Analytics on Customer behavior

Herbie can engage multiple customers at the same time and can exchange personalized and unique information. All these information can be studied to understand the customer trend, their expectations, their likes and needs. Herbie can conduct survey on their stay at the hotel or the bookings they made at the spa, restaurants etc.

Herbie Hospitality Chatbot can collate all these information on the dashboard for quick insights about the customer inclinations. Businesses benefit from these analytics and can develop strategies to promote their offerings.

Personalized Recommendations and Promotions

Every conversation with Herbie is an opportunity. Herbie can understand the customer intents and offers them relevant information. For example, if the customers are booking for a stay with kids and enquiring about places to visit nearby, Herbie can suggest them the best package available that covers food and sightseeing too. It’s a win-win for both the customers and the business.

24/7 Availability can answer enquiries 24/7 in their preferred language. Herbie can communicate two ways in over 45 languages and text 132+ languages. If your Hotel is a tourist destination and can expect visitors from all over the world then understanding their language and offer response in their language brings them better comfort and delight.

1. Herbie can engage millions of customers at the same time
2. Herbie supports 2 way voice conversations
3. Herbie is available on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular channels for quick and easy service
4. Herbie is available on Smartphones – iOS / Android / Windows

Customer Friendly Updates

Herbie can maintain the customer history and hence can send greetings and personalized offers on special occasions. Chatbots in Hospitality can manage the entire booking cycle and stay of the customers and can provide them the information they are looking for without any delays.

Herbie can send updates on,

1. Real time booking & Payments
2. Booking confirmation and vouchers sent to customers
3. Customer can send custom messages on their booking
4. Reschedule / Cancellation of bookings
5. Special enquiries – like Airport pick Up/Drop etc.
6. Enquiries on hotel facilities – Gym, Swimming pool, food court etc.
7. Reminders on social channels on booking / events
8. Birth Day / Anniversary Greetings
9. Send personalized offers, and more.

Herbie can transform Hotel, Travel and Tourism industry to be more customer-friendly, comforting, appealing to Millennials and thriving by assisting them throughout the customer journey.

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