Transforming Manufacturing with AI Voice Assistant

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Every industry has undergone a churn in the digital era and the companies that were reluctant to move into digitization completely are also trying to adopt their legacy systems to the latest trends to cater to the growing needs of the customers. Meeting customer expectations has scaled up to exceeding the expectations and identifying their needs and coming up with solution before customers realize.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the market and customer centric landscape with its intelligence and ability to automate tasks. Banking sector has embraced AI for 24/7 customer support, resolving FAQs and simple queries, automate process and transactions and so on. Retail has utilized the high potential of AI for attracting more customers with personalized offers. Education department is empowering students by offering them AI intelligence to assist them to explain the subject topics in an elaborate and multiple ways to suffice the need of every student. Health sector is more connected and updated with AI intelligence by offering self-service to patients to book their appointments with the physicians and monitor their health through trackers.

Manufacturing Bots: Automate and transform your manufacturing journey

Automate and streamline manufacturing process with manufacturing bots. Manufacturing industry is intertwined with multiple complex processes that involve lot of information exchange. Fetching data from the pile of documents, user manuals is a humongous task and also leads to relapse of the process. Offering employees with right information at the right time on-the-go can intensify their productivity and accelerate the production line. Conversational AI like Herbie can assist the manufacturing industry by automating the mundane tasks and by offering quick look up for the necessary information.

Herbie is a smart combination of Natural Language processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) competencies.

Conversational Commerce:

Virtual Assistants like Herbie can perform multitasking by monitoring and managing the entire workforce, Supply-chain and the production environment. The conversational commerce is on the rise since the inception of AI. Managing the Supply chain, routing purchase orders for approvals, placing order to the vendors, handling payments and invoices can now be accomplished conversationally with Voice assistants. This saves time from logging into systems, filling up forms and searching for vendors to place order.  With conversational AI like Herbie managers can check their inventory by asking “How many T pipes are there?” by knowing the information they can  directly place order “Order 2000 T pipes from the Vendor Z”. These conversational orders are sent as purchase orders and routed for approval and then the order is placed to the vendors. Managers can make these orders as they visit the production floor, or away at the client site without logging into their ERP or other MIS systems.

Handling Floor Queries

The production floor buzzes with machinery, each performing the unique task to complete the production line. Monitoring the asset conditions, scheduling predictive maintenance can be done through Herbie. Handling the safety of the workforce is very critical in the industrial facility, Herbie can offer employee safety information to the supervisors and workers to protect themselves from the industrial hazards.

Herbie offers insights on different metrics to understand the potential bottle necks, equipment failures, gaps in the production process, quality issues and can schedule predictive maintenance.

Information On-the-go

Looking up for machinery information is tedious when it involves manually browsing through the manuals or searching pages and pages in the system. Workers and supervisors can query Herbie on the details like temperature, torque, vibration level of the machinery and fix the issues immediately. This quick look up helps to avoid potential hazards or any delays in the production line. Chatbots for Manufacturing Industry can also manage HR processes and hence can offer information on shift schedules, attendance, details on floor supervisors etc.

Updates and Delivery Notification

Herbie can send delivery updates and notifications to the plant managers. When interfaced with inventory Herbie offers real time information on supplies and prompts pending order list. The invoices and payment approvals can be done through Herbie. When connected to payment gateway, the conversational AI can also perform transactions.

Product Recommendation

Manufacturing bots can offer product and vendor related information. Based on the historical data and the customer expectation, Herbie’s machine learning can shortlist or recommend suitable products and reliable vendors.

24/7 Support and Assistance

Voice assistants like Herbie can offer 24/7 assistance to employees and customers by answering FAQs, looking up information for them, real time updates on deliveries, asking pre-qualifying questions to the vendors or potential prospects, engaging visitors online and more.

Efficient Supply chain

Manufacturing plant needs consistent supply of materials to keep up the production line. Over supply of inventories will lock the investment and under supply may cut off the production. Hence managing right inflow of parts and materials is the key to successful manufacturing and distribution. Artificial Intelligence helps the industry to connect all the plants and manage centralized information on supply and demand. Machine learning helps to route the inventories to the plant as and when the demand arises avoiding over stocking or less utilization of resources.

Interacts with Vendors and Customers

Herbie can pre-qualify vendors, can collate their product information, and can also negotiate with the vendors for the products. Multiple vendors can be managed on a single platform and the bot can also conduct survey on product performance and Customer satisfaction. Herbie has pre-built integration to 12+ social channels to engage customers and drive sales. Herbie can offers insights on the product and resolve customer queries without any delays.

Internal Communication and Customer Experience (CX)

Herbie can resolve queries through text, images or Videos to cater to the needs of the customers and employees. Herbie offers a unique customer experience and encourages them by offering product information, recommendations based on the customer history and persona, variants available, and more. Workers and supervisors can stay connected across multiple plants of the industry that has various production and assembly units. This helps to break the information silos and helps the industry to thrive with higher ROI.

Key benefits of manufacturing bots:

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