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Herbie HR Bot

Herbie has pre-built sentiment analysis that can establish strong and happy acquaintances among personnel, creating a healthy atmosphere for business to thrive.

Social Channels

Herbie has already built integrations with 13+ Social Channels

132+ Languages

Herbie can understand and respond to customers in 132+ Languages on text mode


Herbie Your Friendly HR Bot

Herbie HR Chatbot is a smart combination of NLP & ML with multiple voice cultures to facilitate personalized human touch to every conversation. Herbie can manage the entire recruitment cycle collaborating with the HR staffs and has self service portal for the convenience of employees.

Herbie can be delegated to perform basic tasks to highly complicated services, which can prove to move the wheels faster in your business. Herbie is market-ready and hence can be deployed immediately to scale up productivity.

AI Powered HR Assistance

Herbie saves potential human efforts by managing time-consuming administrative business operations. Employing Herbie will significantly reduce costs and labor and bring in more time and growth for business.

Herbie HR Assistant Chatbot has pre-built sentiment analysis and can address employee concerns appropriately. Employees can benefit from the self-service features supported by Herbie like applying leave, medical reimbursement, payroll downloads and much more. Herbie maintains positive ambience in the work environment for employees to thrive.


Watch Integration Of Herbie Into Robots

Herbie can be deployed into smart robots and is designed to learn, adapt and interact with people in socially appropriate ways by interpreting human needs and intentions.


Features of Herbie Human Resources Chatbot

Herbie can assist business in multiple ways and facelift it to an entirely new level.


Job Posting/Ad management

Screening applicants based on role requirements

Reviewing Applicants Profile/Resume & Background Verification

Scheduling Interviews over phone/On-Premises

Hiring and On-boarding Formalities

Facilitate Employee Induction,Training & Payroll process

Managing Company policies and Legal process

Managing Employee Insurance and benefit package

Role Tracker & Project Pipeline Management

Employee Attendance & Appraisal Tracker

Employee Self-service portal

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Herbie. Check out our Advanced FAQ for more technical information.

Do I Need to Know How to Code to use Herbie?

Not Required. Even users with basic technical know-how can deploy it easily.

What are the social media channels supported?

Herbie is available in 13 social channels Web Chat , Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SFB, Microsoft Teams,Email, Slack , Kik, Telegram, Twilio, GROUPME, WhatsApp.

Can Herbie understand my local native language?

Herbie has the capability to interact in 132+ languages and the ability to understand the multiple dialects of the geographic area.

How Chatbots Can Help Me with Customer Service?

Quite a lot. Just think of them as your virtual customer assistants. It can greet your visitors by their name, thank for their placed order, or ask about their wellbeing. They can also place orders, get product availability, search for a specific product, update on order status, answer FAQ questions, collect leads or registration forms! and has the ability to understand the multiple dialects of the geographic area.


We are results oriented organization and our service delivery framework provides you the measurable performance in terms of quality, cost reduction and higher user satisfaction with maximum value.


Our innovative spirits are reflected in every product that we create.Continuous research and exploration improves the quality of the system thereby making a real difference.


We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified Multi-National Software Corporation incorporated in 2004 with offices in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Australia.

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